O’Malley comedy show March 31, 2016

O’Malley comedy show March 31, 2016

Thu 5:30 PM in PDT · 4202 W walnut st, pearland, tx, 77581
90 people interested · 34 people going

Donny’s words ……

I want to film some comedy at a VFW.

I’d like to get as many of the vets together as possible to hang out, have some laughs, and I’ll get into character and do an “O’Malley Mic’d Up” episode with all of you asking me the questions.
Making this even more hilarious, is the fact that my old TERP will be there, and I’ll be interviewing him.

He’s an awesome dude who threw himself into the fire of combat to fight along side Americans to kill Taliban, because after they killed his family, killing Taliban gave him more joy than anything.

If he ends up getting killed by some local ISIS after the episode airs, I’ll mail his family like 20 bucks as a thank you for his service. That should cover it.

So, can anyone help me set this up at a VFW in Houston? If not, where else can we do this?

Please share this with everyone in Houston to ensure we get all the help we can, and the all the vets we can to show up.


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